Configuring and Applying Priority Overrides in Tap

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This article is for: Advertising Administrators who want to set up and use priority overrides on their flights.
Using: Tap.
Objective: Configure priority override settings and use them in flights.

Advertising Administrators can override the default priority level of a flight in order to speed up or slow down delivery

Adding a priority override does not change the actual CPM value of the flight; the eCPM override value only changes the behavior of delivery by making it perform as if it had a higher or lower value. For example, if a flight has a CPM of $4.00 and you apply a priority override value of $10.00, the flight behaves as if its CPM is $10.00, but it remains at $4.00 CPM. When you create a reconciliation report, you have the option of showing priority override CPM along with the actual CPM.

You can apply or remove a priority override at any time during the flight date range.

Configuring Priority Override Values

To create or edit the priority override levels, go to the Administration menu, select Publisher/Station Settings, and select the broadcaster.

The Manage Publisher and Station Settings page includes the Priority Override panel. Use it to create or edit the various priority levels that are available to you on a flight's Priority Override menu; Low eCPM Threshold values that are higher than the flight's CPM will speed up the flight's delivery, and values that are lower than the flight's CPM will slow down the flight's delivery.

Tap comes with 16 pre-defined priority override labels. You can change these labels to whatever you prefer (or leave them as-is). The labels themselves have no affect on prioritization; it's the Low eCPM Threshold value that speeds up or slows down delivery.

Out-of-the-box, the Low eCPM Threshold values are not defined; you need to define them yourself before you can apply priority overrides in a flight. Once defined, you can change the labels and values whenever you wish.

When entering Low eCPM Threshold values, you should try to balance the values by putting your average CPM value at or near the middle priority level in the 1-16 range. For example, if your average CPM is $4.00, put $4.00 in the Priority 8 position, with higher values above it and lower values below it.

Note: values must be entered in descending order (highest value at Priority 1 and lowest value at Priority 16).

Don't forget to click Save!

Applying a Priority Override on a Flight

Once priority levels have been defined on the Manage Publisher and Station Settings page, the option to apply a priority override appears on the Edit Flight screen, under the Flight CPM.

To apply an override, go to the campaign's Edit Flight screen. The Priority Override drop-down selector should be there. If not, make sure the broadcaster has priority overrides defined (and make sure you are logged in as an Advertising Administrator).

Select a priority level from the drop-down list, and click Save Flight. That's it!