V4 Player, HTML5, and Fallback to Flash

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This article is for: Station technicians and app developers.
Using: Triton V4 Player.
Objective: Understand the V4 Player's use of HTML5 and Flash.

Over the past year or so, web browser developers have been saying that they will deprecate their Flash plugin integration in favor of HTML5 technology. HTML5 is now available in most commonly used browsers, and up until recently, Flash was still working seamlessly in them.

Since June 2017, most browsers now block the Flash plugin by default, although it can still be enabled. For example, Chrome 59, FireFox 54 and Microsoft Edge 15 allow Flash, but it requires the user to manually click something to allow the Flash plugin to be activated.

This caused an issue with the Triton Digital V4 Player, which can run on both Flash and HTML5, but was set to Flash by default. The new browsers' default blocking of Flash prevented streams from automatically starting when a user reached the player's URL.

To fix this problem, we have updated the Triton V4 Player to automatically load in HTML5, by default. If HTML5 is not available (such as if the listener is using an older, or obscure, browser that does not support HTML5), the V4 Player falls back to Flash.