Fixing SQL Sync Errors in NetQ

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This article is for:  Station engineers and technicians.
Using: NetQ Injector.
Problem:  NetQ Agent fails to synchronize with Ando database.

When the Ando Media NetQ Injector Agent has syncing issues, a database refresh will usually fix the problem. Here are the steps to do this:

1. Close all NetQ applications

Close all NetQ applications (the Agent, Injector, and FiFo). It might be easiest to go to the task manager and end all processes that start with "Ando."

2. Use the Command prompt to refresh the database

  • Open a command prompt
  • Type OSQL -E then:
  • on 1) type "drop database comminfo"
  • on 2) type "go"
  • back on 1) press enter on the blank prompt
  • on 2) type "exit"

3. Relaunch the Ando applications

Launch the Ando applications. The sync should now be successful.