Tap: avoiding delivery problems

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This article is for: Traffickers and advertising administrators.
Using: Tap.
Problem: Flights are under-delivering.

Most cases of under-delivering flights are caused by overbooking. Overbooking occurs when you set up a campaign or flight to deliver more impressions than you have available inventory ("avails"). This is easy to fix: always check your avails, and target according to what is available.

You can check your avails while building your flight by clicking "Show Avails" in the sidebar.

Alternatively, run an Inventory availability report, which provides more details than the "Show Avails" report. For more information, see Inventory Availability Report in the Tap User Guide.

Check Dayparts and Targeting

If you feel your reported avails are lower than they should be, double-check your dayparts and your targeting rules. You might have accidentally used "AM" dayparts instead of "PM" dayparts, or you might have accidentally selected "Exclude" instead of "Include" when creating a targeting rule.