How can I get a site-level campaign report in AppNexus?

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This article is for: buyers.
Using: a2x and AppNexus.
Task: Generate a site-level campaign report

Note: AppNexus is your first and primary source of support for any AppNexus related issues. However, the Triton Digital Knowledge Base contains a few items that might help you with some basic problems if you are an a2x/AppNexus user. But AppNexus documentation and support always take precedence over any AppNexus articles found in the Triton Digital Knowledge Base.

The AppNexus web site does not give you the option to generate a site-level report for your campaign that is broken down by station/publisher. If you need such a report, contact Triton Digital customer support with the following information and we will generate one for you:

  • Your seat ID
  • The time range you want the report to cover
  • The time zone (UTC, EST, etc.)
  • The interval (cumulative, per hour, per day, or per month)
  • Whether you want the report to be "per publisher" or "per station."
  • If you want a group report with a breakdown per country, or if you want a filtered report containing only specific countries (if so, tell us which country or countries).