Triton Digital inventory does not appear in a2x campaigns

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This article is for: DSP buyers.
Using: a2x and AppNexus.
Problem: Triton Digital inventory does not appear in DSP campaigns (in AppNexus).

Note: AppNexus is your first and primary source of support for any AppNexus related issues. However, the Triton Digital Knowledge Base contains a few items that might help you with some basic problems if you are an a2x/AppNexus user. But AppNexus documentation and support always take precedence over any AppNexus articles found in the Triton Digital Knowledge Base.

If you don't see any Triton Digital inventory for your DSP campaigns in AppNexus, you probably haven't enabled third-party inventory. Enable it, then look for "Triton Digital" in your list of third-party sellers. Follow the instructions below:

1. Enable "Buy Third-Party Inventory" in the Basic Setup

  • Go to the campaign's basic setup.
  • Go to the Buying Strategies section.
  • Select the "Buy Third-Party Inventory" checkbox.

2. Go Get Your Triton Digital Inventory

  • Go to the campaign's Targeting section.
  • Go to the Inventory section and click Edit.
  • In the Inventory Targeting window, "3rd Party Inventory" should be checked.
  • Using the Search for sellers box, search for "Triton."
  • When Triton Digital is found in the results, click the checkmark to add it to the inventory list.