Ad Media Files Don't Play

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This article is for: publisher technicians/developers.
Using: Tap and/or a2x for on-demand advertising.
Problem: Even with a valid implementation, ad media does not play.

The Ad media creatives are typically MP3 files. Some VAST parsers might reject this type of file as it is not a valid format in the strict VAST specification. If you encounter this problem, the best solution is to switch to DAAST, if possible.

If DAAST is not possible, try these alternatives:

  • Use a less strict or alternative VAST parser.
  • Control the type of files being returned by using the parameters described in the Triton Digital On-Demand Advertising Guide ("Asset Constraints"). For example, you can use MP4 (AAC inside an MP4 Container), as it is a valid VAST media format.
  • Make sure your "Mediaplayer" code supports the format being returned (MP3, AAC, FLV, and others).