Server-to-Server: Why Append User Agent and IP Address to Ad Requests?

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This article is for: publisher technicians/developers.
Using: On-demand advertising implementations using server-to-server.
Task: Understand why User Agent String and IP Address must be appended to the ad request.

Triton Digital needs to have visibility of the user-agent and the IP address of the listener at the HTTP level. With player-to-server implementations, this information comes directly from the player (and thus, the listener). But with server-to-server implementations, it refers to the server, not the listener.

For this reason, server-to-server implementations must be explicit with this information. You must configure your implementation so that the listener's user agent string and IP address are appended to the ad request . For more information, see "Additional Parameters" in the Triton Digital On-Demand Advertising Guide.