How to Enable Cue Point Monitoring

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This article is for: Station engineers and technicians.
Using: Triton Streaming Console.
Task: Enable cue point monitoring in the console.

Enable cue point monitoring so you can view cue point activity in the Triton Digital Console and receive alerts if cue point activity drops below your defined threshold. Here's how:

1. Go to the station's stream configuration

  • In the Triton Digital Streaming Console, go to Streaming > Stream Configuration.
  • Select a station in the Navigator.
  • In the Station Information section, click Edit selected station.

2. Enable monitoring and set your threshold

  • In the Station Configuration panel, look for the Monitoring Configuration section.
  • Enter the email addresses for the people who should receive an email alert if cue point activity drops below the threshold. (Separate multiple email addresses with a comma.)
  • If you want to put a threshold on all cue points, select the Enable (All) checkbox, and enter an alert threshold (Max Delay), in minutes. If this number of minutes pass without any cue point activity, an alert is triggered.
  • If you only want to put a threshold on ad-related cue points, leave Enable (All) unselected and select Enable (Ad only), and enter an alert threshold (Max Delay) in minutes for ad-only cue points.
  • Click Save.

That's it! The monitoring email will receive an alert if the level of cue points goes below the threshold you set. 

NOTE: we recommend you set the Max Delay threshold to a level that you never expect to be exceeded unless something has gone wrong. Remember, the objective is to trigger alerts only when there is a problem.

As well as receiving email alerts, you can also monitor the cue point activity within the Triton Streaming Console. Go to the Streaming menu and select Monitoring. Select your broadcaster or group in the Navigator. The monitoring panel shows you the high level status, and you can drill down and get the stream and cue point status of each mount.

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