How to Monitor Cue Points

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This article is for: station engineers and technicians.
Using: Triton Digital Streaming Console.
Task: Monitor a station's cue points.

Note: before you can monitor cue points in the Streaming Console, you have to enable cue point monitoring in the station configuration.

You can monitor your station's cue point status at the station level and at the mount level. In the Streaming Console, go to the Streaming menu and select Monitoring. Then select your broadcaster in the Navigation section.

At the broadcaster level, the monitoring screen gives you a high-level view of what's going on. Each station has an indicator dot for stream status and for cue point activity. (The Email column shows the email address that is associated with cue point alerts.)

Click a stations's row (not the station link itself) to see detailed information about that station in the top panel:

Select a station link to get more detailed information at the station level:

Status indicators

Indicator Broadcaster Level Station Level
 Gray Cue point monitoring not enabled. Cue point monitoring not enabled.
 Green All streams/cue points behaving normally. Station stream/cue points behaving normally.
 Yellow At least one stream or cue point has a problem. N/A
 Red Problem with all streams/cue points. Problem with selected station stream or cue points.

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