No avails in Tap (Troubleshooting)

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This article is for: traffickers and advertising administrators.
Using: Tap.
Problem: Inventory availability report is showing zero avails.

Inventory availability in Tap is an estimate of future availability, not a guarantee, and that estimate is based on an analysis of at least 28 consecutive days of listener data.

If you are a new user of Tap and you have not been in production for at least 28 days, your avails will be "zero" and this is normal and expected. It does not mean there is no available inventory; it means Tap cannot yet calculate the available inventory.

If you do have 28 days of consecutive listener data and you're still seeing zero avails, you should check your avail report's targeting criteria. It's possible you've targeted too aggressively by being too precise, or perhaps you've created a targeting paradox such as including New York City while excluding New York State. Or perhaps you have targeted a geographical area where you simply do not have any listeners.

If you have at least 28 days of consecutive listener data and your targeting is not the problem, contact Customer Support and we will work with you to find the problem.