How does IPv6 affect Triton Digital and its customers?

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This article is for: any Triton Digital customer concerned with the transition to IPv6.
Using: Triton Digital streaming services.
Objective: Understand what IPv6 means to your Triton Digital services.

How does IPv6 affect Triton Digital and its customers?

Currently, IPv6 has very little effect on Triton Digital and its customers. Anyone with an IPv6 address will also have an IPv4 address, either through translations at the device/PC level or through the different tunneling protocols of their carrier. Triton Digital currently only uses IPv4 on its streaming servers, so when a listener connects they are using an IPv4 address and we see them as such. Therefore, every listener can connect to our streaming servers and hear our streams.

2016 saw a lot of activity on the iPv6 scene, so Triton Digital plans to start building IPv6 support into some features as we deliver them, and to update relevant systems accordingly. We will reassess the situation towards the end of 2017 and will align our priorities in keeping with the direction of the market at that time.

For more information on Triton Digital and the transition to IPv6, see the IPv6 FAQ.