Player Widgets: Configuring Colors

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This article is for: Player developers.
Using: Triton Digital Player Widgets.
Objective: Understand what the different “color” attributes apply to.

When setting up your Triton Digital Player Widgets, you can modify some of the colors that appear in the Live Audio Widget and the Song History Widget. These colors are configured by adding (or changing) the color parameters that make up the widget attributes, as explained in the Developer Documentation.

This article shows you which display elements are controlled by the various color parameters.

The colors shown below are for illustration purposes only. Triton Digital recommends you use colors that align with your station's branding or web site theme, or at least are more pleasant to the eye.

Live Audio Widget Color Parameters

The Live Audio Widget configuration includes three color parameters:

  • primarycolor: applies to visible text (song and artist title) volume icon and part of the volume scrubber bar, and the player controls (visible on hover only).
  • secondarycolor: applies to the background of the player display.
  • highlightcolor: applies to the "Buy" button (if visible) and the volume scrubber.

The images below show you how these color parameters appear in the various Live Audio Widget types:

Classic Player

Mini Player

Bar Player

Vertical Player

Song History Color Parameters

The Song History Widget configuration includes the same three color parameters as the Live Audio Widget, plus one more:

  • primarycolor: applies to the visible text (song and artist title, "Recently Played" label) and the horizontal separator bars.
  • secondarycolor: applies to the panel background.
  • highlightcolor: applies to the "Buy" button.
  • headerbgcolor: applies to the panel header background.

The image below shows you how these color parameters appear in the Song History Widget:

Song History Widget