Understanding the "Ad Time Separation" field (avails report) in Tap

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This article is for: Advertising administrators, traffickers.
Using: Tap.
Objective: Understand the "Ad Time Separation" field in Inventory Availability Reports.

(This article is primarily of interest to live-streaming broadcasters using spot-based advertising.)

When you create an Inventory Availability report, you have the option of entering a value in the Ad Time Separation (minutes) field. This is not the same as "frequency cap!"

The Ad Time Separation you enter represents accumulated ad time in minutes, not total linear time. For example, if you run two breaks per hour of four minutes each, you accumulate eight minutes of ad time per hour.

To use this in your avails report, you’ll need to do some calculations. Before you begin you should know how long your ad breaks are, and how frequently they occur. Calculate an ad time separation value according to how you plan to use your flights, to see if there is inventory availability that matches the accumulated ad time separation you want.

For more information, and to see examples of ad time separation values at work, see the Tap User Guide.