Why you sometimes cannot delete ads/dayparts/flights/campaigns in Tap

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This article is for: traffickers and advertising administrators.
Using: Tap.
Objective: Understand why you sometimes cannot delete ads, dayparts, flights, or campaigns

You cannot delete an ad once it has delivered impressions. This is for accounting and transparency reasons; once an ad has delivered impressions, the ad and its audit trail need to be preserved for accounting and reporting purposes. Therefore, deleting the ad is no longer an option and the "Delete Ad" item on the Ad Actions menu is greyed-out.

The same applies to dayparts, flights, and campaigns. Once an ad has delivered impressions, the daypart it belongs to, its flight, and the campaign, all need to be preserved. However, if you have (for example) two ads in a campaign, each in a separate flight, and only one ad has delivered impressions, then you can delete the other ad (the one that has not delivered impressions).

The illustration below shows an example of a campaign with four ads, and its components, and the "trails of deletability" based on whether or not the ads at the end of the trails have delivered impressions.