Best Practice for Managing Multiple Unpaid Ads (Filler) in Tap

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This article is for: traffickers and advertising administrators.
Using: Tap.
Objective: learn best practice for managing multiple unpaid ads.

You probably have a lot of unpaid ad creatives that you use for filler, and you likely rotate them fairly often as seasons change, holidays come and go, special events wrap up, etc. At first glance it seems like the easiest way to manage your filler is to create a single flight and to load it up with filler ads.

Unfortunately, that method can bog you down, as expired or otherwise no-longer-useful ads cannot be deleted from the flight once they have recorded impressions. Here's a practice that will help you avoid larger and longer flights due to the addition of new creatives that you cannot remove or stop from running when you are finished with them.

We suggest you create multiple flights, each with a specific date range and containing only the filler ads that apply to that date range. When the filler ads are no longer useful, they will expire naturally (i.e., reach the end of their date range) or you can manually expire them so they will no longer run. Note that you cannot delete them if they have recorded impressions, but by expiring them they stop running and are not mixed in with filler ads that you are still using.

The key "takeaway" is this: you cannot expire a creative or a daypart, but you can expire a flight. So organize your filler ads into flights, so you can expire (and un-expire) them as needed.

For example, if you have several filler ads that you run over the summer season, including ones specific to the 4th of July, you can create a flight that runs from the middle of June to the end of August that includes your regular summer filler ads, and another flight that runs from June 15 to July 4th for your 4th of July filler ads. (You could even put each filler ad in its own flight, for total per-ad control.) On July 5, your "4th of July" filler ads will be marked as "Expired" and will stop running. Nothing more to do.

Similarly, if you run filler ads to promote your DJs or your shows, put each in a separate flight. If a DJ leaves the station, or a show is cancelled, you can manually expire that item's flight and its filler ads will no longer run. Nothing more to do.

Tip: to instantly expire a flight, navigate to the flight and select Expire Flight from the Flight Actions menu.