Windows 7 and SQL Issue with Station Manager

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This article is for: Station technicians, station managers, etc.
Using: Streaming services/Station Manager.
Problem: After updating to Windows 7, stop sets are loose and/or there are buffering problems.

Some users have reported that after upgrading the streaming computer from Windows XP to Windows 7, the stop sets don't sound nearly as tight as they had previously, even though no settings were changed.

Solution: Windows 7 uses a default SQL Server setting that can impair the Media Injector's ability to start injecting as tightly as it did under Windows XP. A simple configuration change to the SQL Server will fix the problem.

To fix the stop sets/buffering problem under Windows 7:

  1. Log into the streaming computer and open the system's Start menu.
  2. Go to All Programs.
  3. Choose Microsoft SQL Server 2005.
  4. Click Configuration Tools.
  5. Choose the SQL Server Configuration Manager.
  6. Double click Protocols for MSSQLSERVER.
  7. In the right pane, set all protocols to Disabled, except TCP/IP, which should be Enabled.
  8. Repeat this process for the SQL Native Configuration: expand the SQL Native Client Configuration and click the Client Protocols link.
  9. Set all Client Protocols toDisabled, except for TCP/IP, which should be Enabled.
  10. Close the Server Configuration manager screen.
  11. Restart the SQL Server.