Triton Console Password Reset 404 Error

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This article is for: everyone.
Using: Streaming Console.
Problem: You get a "404" error when resetting your password.

When resetting your password, you might get a "404" error, like this:

This error is due to an incorrect redirection URL, but please be aware that your password has been changed and the new password will work. All you need to do to work around the "404" is to make a small edit to the URL in the browser. Specifically, remove the "%3b" and replace it with ";" (see the illustration, below).

Your final URL should look like this:;jsessionid=[yourusersessionid]

Hit "Return" and you will be redirected to LiveAnalytics and your new password will work properly.

Our streaming team is aware of this issue and is currently working to fix this problem.

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