How to get "Distributor" statistics for podcasts

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This article is for: podcast publishers, publiser technicians.
Using: Triton Digital podcasting and WCM.
Task: Get statstics that indicate the distributor from which the podcast was downloaded.

In some cases, you can arrange to get "distributor" statistics for podcast downloads that indicate what the source of distribution was for the podcast. Speak to your Triton Digital Solutions Specialist to see if this can be set up for your podcasts.

When enabled, all you have to do is add the "dist" attribute to the podcast's download URL, then export a Podcasting report from Webcast Metrics to view the statistics. These steps are described in more detail below.

1. Add "dist" to the URL

Add the "dist" attribute to the podcast's download URL, along with a value that identifies the distributor. The value format is free-form, so you can use anything, but you should observe conventional best practices and keep it short, avoid unusual characters (such as punctuation or characters with accents) and do not use spaces. For example, "itunes" or "RSS".


2. Export a Podcasting Report

In Webcast Metrics, go to the Podcast tab and export a Podcasting report. (For details, see the Webcast Metrics User Guide.)

In the exported Excel file, go to the User Agent Report worksheet and look for the Dist column.