Player Widgets and WordPress

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This article is for: station technicians, directors, and web developers.
Using: Triton Digital Player Widgets.
Objective: Get Player Widgets to work in WordPress-based web sites.

Triton Digital Player Widgets are designed to be inserted into HTML-based web pages. It is possible to get them to work on WordPress-based sites, but there are a number of complexities and variables that you might have to work around.

Unfortunately, Triton Digital Customer Support cannot help you with this, because there are too many WordPress iterations and themes available for us to monitor and troubleshoot them all.

If you do not have PHP/JavaScript/CSS expertise on your web team to help you identify where and how to place the widget code into your file structure, we recommend you get help from a web development consultant. WordPress is one of the most widely used web platforms available, so you should have no trouble finding someone who can help you.

Triton Digital's Customer Support and development teams will continue to help you troubleshoot any issues that are specific to the Player Widgets themselves.

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