How to set up a podcast-specific campaign in Tap

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This article is for: traffickers, advertising administrators, and podcast producers.
Using: Triton Digital Podcasting Services and Tap.
Task: Set up a podcast-specific campaign in Tap.

This article assumes your Triton Digital Podcasting Service is already set up and you have at least a basic understanding of how Tap works.

To create a podcast-specific campaign in Tap you will need the following:

  • One or more podcasts set up and running and/or monetized via the Triton Digital Podcasting Service.
  • An advertising order, along with the audio creative for that order.

Note: If you are using Omny Studios as your content management system, be aware that the monetization for Tap can only be configured at the Program level. In other words, if you have multiple playlists under "Playlists (Podcasts)" they are targeted at the program level and all playlists will receive the same ads.

Below is a high-level overview of how to set up the campaign. Farther down, the steps are repeated in more detail.

To set up a podcast-specific campaign in Tap (overview):

  • From the Orders menu, select Create New Insertion Order - Direct Sale.
  • Enter the order information, including: the advertiser, the campaign name, the date range, the traffic method (choose one of the podcast-specific methods), impressions goal, and a daypart.
  • Assign the creative (audio only); you can assign one that's already in the Creative Library or upload a new one.
  • Select the podcasts that will use the campaign.
  • Enter any targeting criteria you want to use.
  • Save the order.
  • Submit the order.

That's it! Your order becomes a campaign, and it runs on the podcasts according to the traffic method you selected.

Detailed Description

Below is a more detailed description of how to set up a podcast-specific campaign in Tap.

Create the Order

From the Orders menu, select Create New Insertion Order - Direct Sale.

Enter the Order Information

  • Select the advertiser from the drop-down list.
  • Enter a campaign name.
  • Enter the campaign date range.
  • Select a podcast traffic method. For a description of the podcast traffic methods, see the Tap User Guide. For more information on setting the timing of podcast mid-roll ads, see "How to Specify Mid-roll Timing" in the Podcasting with Triton Digital User Guide.
  • Enter your impression goal and Flight CPM. Podcast campaigns typically do not use the "No Goal" option. (See Tap FAQ item "When would I use a no-goal flight?")
  • Select a daypart. Tip: choose "Mon-Sun 12AM-12AM" (basically 24/7) if you don't want to apply a specific daypart to the campaign's delivery.

Assign the Creative

  • Click Assign Creative.
  • Use the "Select from Library" tab to select an existing file, or go to the "Upload a File" tab to upload a new one.
  • Click Assign Creative (on the "Select from Library" tab) or Add Creative Unit (on the "Upload a File" tab). For more information on adding creative, see the Tap User Guide.

Select the Podcasts that will Use the Campaign

  • In the "Selected Station(s)/Podcast(s)" section, click Add.
  • In the "Add Podcasts" panel, select the podcasts that you want to assign the campaign to. For more information on assigning podcasts see the Tap User Guide.

Enter Targeting Criteria

Tap includes a sophisticated suite of targeting tools. Targeting is optional; your campaigns can be targeted or untargeted. For information, see the Tap User Guide.

Save the Order

Once you are satisfied with your order settings, click Create Insertion Order to save the order.

Submit the Order

Before an order can deliver, it must be submitted to become a campaign. Before submitting the order you still have the option to modify the order; you cannot modify an order once it is submitted. When the order is ready to go and you expect no more changes, select Submit Order from the Order Actions menu.

Once the order is submitted the campaign will start delivering when the Start Date arrives.