Deprecation of Autoplay in web browsers

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This article is for: Player and app developers.
Using: Triton V4 Player, Triton Player Widgets, Triton Player SDK.
Objective: Understand the issues around changes to "autoplay" policies.

The Apple Safari 11 web browser currently disables players' "autoplay" feature by default. Although savvy listeners can re-enable the feature, most probably won't do so. As a result, the stream will not automatically play when your listeners on Safari 11 hit the "Listen Live" button.

Other web browsers are also moving in this direction; Google is expected to enact a similar "autoplay disable" on the Chrome browser soon, according to their "Unified Autoplay" policy document. Other web browsers will likely follow.

As a result of these changes, Triton Digital is in the process of removing the "autoplay" option from the V4 Player and the Player Widgets. If you have enabled autoplay in either of these players, see the recommendations below:

  • Triton Player V4: Autoplay will be disabled by Triton Digital. If you had enabled autoplay, your listeners will notice a small change in the behavior of the player. They will now have to press "Play" in the player after clicking the "Listen Live" button. This change is imminent, and you do not have to do anything (the change will be made automatically). Just be aware of the behavior change.
  • Triton Player Widgets: Autoplay will soon be disabled by Triton Digital. However, we strongly recommend you disable it yourself in your player widgets so as not to cause any problems with your streams or confusion with your listeners. Your listeners will notice a small change in the behavior of the player. They will now have to press "Play" in the player widget instead of having the stream start automatically.
  • Triton Player SDK: we have no control over whether or not you implement autoplay, but we strongly recommend you disable it in your players that were built using the Triton Player SDK.

Note that these changes are the result of policies being implemented by web browser developers, not Triton Digital. We expect autoplay to be widely deprecated and discontinued across all browser players, as it already is with mobile apps. Listeners should quickly adjust to the new reality of having to press "Play" to hear their streams.

If you had not enabled autoplay when you set up your player, then you are already following the recommendation and there is nothing further to do.